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About Chas Kelly Transport

Established in 1979, Chas Kelly Transport has grown to become a major Tasmanian transport company. As a specialist in moving a variety of cargoes, Chas Kelly Transport has a track record of innovation and quality of service recognised through receipt of business awards in Tasmania.

Our growth has come from an approach that has both pleased and benefited customers. This in turn has lead to an excellent reputation in a relatively small but intimate market. Our client base is made up of long standing relationships.

The Chas Kelly Transport team is committed to providing modern, efficient, reliable and safe transportation of our clients consignments. Service facilities, a large range of equipment and Statewide depots ensures strong service delivery.

Chas Kelly Transport is positioned as a provider of high quality service. The company has a dedicated and committed approach to Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Management Practices and Systems.

Our locations, culture, innovation and personal approach ensures your dealings with Chas Kelly Transport are reliable, cost effective and responsive.

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